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Nyayavali – Sanskrit Maxims & Proverbs – With English Translation and Notes . sudhir jha sastri on September 2, at pm said: .. Both the books are available in various formats such as pdf, djvu, epub, etc. i want some books/ article about traditional vedic interpretation and history of indian writing systems. An inscription of 8th century A.D. refers to udranga and uparikara, which prove the D.N. Jha rightly states that Datta was "handicapped by lack of academic. DownloadAncient india d n jha pdf. Free Pdf Download The Rocket Launcher now has its launcher aimed 45 degrees up, as it should Last edited by Prannav.

Scand J Rheumatol. Am J Psychiatry. Epub Oct 1. Erratum in: Am J Psychiatry. Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms.

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Antitumor activities of Rauvolfia vomitoria extract and potentiation of carboplatin effects against ovarian cancer. It is also an important medicinal plant in the pharmaceutical world due to the presence of its immense therapeutic properties for curing various disorders because of the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, phlobatannins, phenols, resins, saponins, sterols, tannins and terpenes [ 9 Harisaranraj, R.

Evaluation of the chemical composition Rauwolfia serpentina and Ephedra vulgeris. Faisalabad , , 3 , The major alkaloids present are ajmaline, ajmalicine, ajmalimine, deserpidine, indobine, indobinine, reserpine, reserpiline, rescinnamine, rescinnamidine, serpentine, serpentinine and yohimbine [ 10 Vakil, R.

Rauwolfia serpentina in the treatment of high blood pressure. American Heart Association,Inc. Available at: circ. Alkaloids in their pure form and also their synthetic derivatives are useful for their medicinal application as an analgesic, antispasmodic and bactericidal effects [ 11 Stary, F. Tiger Books International: London, , pp.


Chemical composition of Spondias mombin linn plant parts. Reserpine is most prominent alkaloid with sedative and antihypertensive activities which are used as tranquilizer and in control of high blood pressure and also most prominent ajmaline with antiarrhythmic activity [ 13 Neuss, N. Such valuable medicinal plants are likely to be threatened due to their over exploitation for therapeutic uses, so the study of endophytes of this plant may provide a good alternative source for the unique secondary metabolites.

Endophytes are reported to produce bioactive molecules which were originally reported from their host medicinal plant. This concept was established after the isolation of potent anticancer molecule taxol from Taxomyces andreanae an endophyte isolated from host plant Taxus brevifolia. This is for the first time an endophytic fungus was recognized as an alternate source of taxol, initially Taxus brevifolia was the only source of taxol [ 14 Stierle, A.

Taxol and taxane production by Taxomyces andreanae, an endophytic fungus of Pacific yew. Science, , , Similarly some other chemicals like camptothecin, podophyllotoxin, hypericin and piperine were isolated from endophytes other than the host plant [ 15 Pu, X. Camptothecin-producing endophytic fungus trichoderma atroviride ly isolation, identification, and fermentation conditions optimization for camptothecin production.

Biotechnol, , 97 21 , Piperine production by endophytic fungus Periconia sp. Endophytes are ubiquitous, endosymbiont, often a bacterium or fungus which survive in the various living tissues especially leaves, stems, roots of plants without any harmful effects to the host plants [ 19 Stone, J.

An overview of endophytic microbes: endophytism defined. These microorganisms colonize in the intercellular and intracellular region of the host plant and the population of certain endophytic species ranges from several to a few hundred strains [ 20 Schulz, B.

What are endophytes? Bioprospecting for microbial endophytes and their natural products. Endophytes have been reported for their significant application in medicine, agriculture and biofuels.

Selected endophytes play an important role in the host defense mechanism also [ 22 Paul, A.


Endophytes: An emerging tool for biological control. Control, , 46, Bioactive metabolites isolated from endophytes have a broad spectrum of biological activities such as antimicrobial, antiviral and anticancer [ 23 Strobel, G. Rainforest endophytes and bioactive products.

Endophytic fungi with anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-malarial activities isolated from Thai medicinal plants. World J. The great expectation of patients over modern medicine and more awareness about side effects of synthetic drugs had made the pharmaceutical industries to turn towards herbal drugs but it causes huge exploitation of valuable medicinal plants and massive depletion of biodiversity.

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These possibilities exist for those who desire to venture into the wild and unexplored territories of the world to experience the excitement and thrill of being engaged in the discovery of endophytes, their biology, and their potential usefulness [ 21 Strobel, G. In this study the plant was screened for its endophytic fungi and also fungal extracts were evaluated for antibacterial activities. Healthy tissues leaves, roots and stem were collected and the ends were trimmed then sealed with parafilmTM and kept in the sterile polythene bags.

All the samples were brought to the laboratory in an icebox and used to screen for endophytic fungi within 48 h of collection. Surface Sterilization of Plant Samples The roots, stems and leaves were cut into small pieces 1.

Four segments of tissue sample were placed on each Petri plate of culture media. The plates were examined on alternate days, and hyphal tips of actively growing fungi were then subcultured.

Identification of the Endophytic Fungal Strains The structure of conidia and hypae was studied by colony morphology and under Light microscope, Manual of soil fungi Gilman et al. Illustrated genera of Imperfect Fungi.

The SEM standard lab manual squares or discs with about 0. Then the specimens were washed in cacodylate buffer three times, for 10 mins each wash. The samples were transferred to a critical point dryer to complete the drying process with carbon dioxide as a transition fluid. The specimen obtained was mounted on aluminum stub, with a double sided-stick carbon tape pasted on a film of aluminium foil, coated with gold in a sputter.

Samples were then observed in SEM.

Encyclopedia of Iron, Steel, and Their Alloys, Five-Volume Set (Print)

After 15 days, the crude fermentated broth was filtered and fungal metabolites were extracted by solvent extraction method. Equal volume of methanol and filtrate was taken in the separating funnel and shaken vigorously for 10 min [ 30 Nitya, K.

Antioxidant activity and phytochemical analysis of endophytic fungi isolated from Lobelia nicotianifolia. The separated fungal mycelia were thoroughly homogenized with methanol and were maintained for 48 hours in methanol.

Ancient India: in Historical Outline

Methanol extract from mycelium of endophytic fungus Rhizoctonia sp. Antibacterial Assay Endophytic fungal extracts were screened for their antibacterial activity by disc diffusion plate method.Revised Sailing Directions In a slim volume of 60 pages titled Vedic Glossary on Indus Seals, Jha has provided both the key to the ancient script as well as a large number of readings.

All together, our results show that KalsomeTM10 induces apoptotic-like cell death in L. Contrasting effects of natural selection on human and chimpanzee CC chemokine receptor 5. Gurgaon, India.