Read more in our sustainability report online. SUSTAINABILITY. FACT .. DISTELL Integrated Report CREATING AND SHARING VALUE committee and the nomination committee in and as a member of. Take a look at the latest annual reports, SENS announcements and All 13 11 9 10 7 net asset value/market capitalisation. 0, 0, 0,40 2. DISTELL INTEGRATED ANNUAL REPORT

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All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons .. the World's Best Blended Whisky award at the same competition in Allesverloren. DISTELL INTEGRATED REPORT 13 .. IFRS. Restated. IFRS. Restated. Statements of financial position. on the annual financial statements has been provided by .. brand offerings. Overview by product category. DISTELL INTEGRATED REPORT 13 Annual Improvements – cycle (effective. 1 January ).

As a result, some 1, smallholders will now have a market for their crop. With the government recognising the economic benefits and reducing the excise on Impala, more low-income consumers will be able to make the transition from home brews to commercial beer.

Another important trend is the growing interest in craft beers from consumers who value the distinctive heritage and character that these brands offer. Capitalising on the trend, we recently reached agreement with the Van Steenberge brewery in Belgium to distribute its St Stefanus brand around the world.

Following the launch of Grolsch in South Africa, for example, SAB has been recruiting small numbers of social opinion leaders, exposing them to the Grolsch experience and equipping them to become word-of-mouth advocates among their peers.

Local premium brands continue to stimulate innovation. Thanks to their provenance, fame and brand equity, these brands command prices at the top of the ladder in most of their markets around the world.

Tanzania Breweries Ltd also took action in the local premium segment when the merger of two rivals created a powerful new competitor.

In a twopronged response, it revitalised its existing, mainly mainstream brands and expanded its premium offering with the introduction of Castle Lite, so meeting the need for a lower-calorie beer and capturing new drinking occasions.

Overview The trend towards premium brands continues, driven in part by urbanisation and the rise of the middle class in developing markets. International premium brands account for 7.

SABMiller is active in both segments and is seeing good results. As competition intensifies and regulatory and other pressures increase, winning in the local market is becoming more complex.

How are we performing?

By this we mean building value chains that stimulate economic development and cultivate the entrepreneurial skills of local partners so that they can contribute to our business and we can help them develop theirs. Today, Zambia is growing enough barley not only to meet its own needs but also to become a net exporter and the new barley industry has created employment for over 4, rural workers.

Further benefits have come from regional programmes such as the consolidation of our manufacturing and supply chain in Europe and the introduction of new sales and distribution systems in Latin America.

Building the right partnerships More than most other industries, the beer business is about being rooted in the community and connected to a wide variety of partners and stakeholders. Partnerships are crucial to our success. We devote great care and effort to building alliances throughout our value chain and believe that SABMiller is unusual in the industry in its partnership skills.

Financial statements We constantly seek to improve our local sales execution and levels of customer service. Our water and malt drink businesses in Africa continue to grow and we recently launched two new malt drinks, Maltizz in Colombia and ActiMalta in Honduras and El Salvador. Our global IS project has developed further during the year.

Distell Group Limited (DST) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

The latest stage covering back, middle and front-office processes was deployed in its first market, Ecuador, in November and the next full deployment will be in Poland. Overview If the key to affordability in Africa is locally-sourced ingredients, our businesses in Latin America are achieving the same ends and capturing more drinking occasions by launching different-sized packaging.

In other cases, the solution is larger packaging. It has a thick texture, strong flavour and full, satisfying taste with a hint of caramel. Roasted dark malt provides its distinctive colouring, and the creamy-smooth head comes from special yeast. We devote great care and effort to building alliances and partnerships throughout our value chain.

Other partnerships — including programmes with police forces and public health bodies — are making us more effective in addressing alcohol abuse. Graham Mackay Chief Executive Shareholder information In summary, the year has seen solid progress with the key components of our business model — being in the right markets, having the right brand portfolio, creating the right operating processes and building the right partnerships.

Our work in these four areas has continued to generate long-term value for our shareholders.

Our underlying financial position remains strong, as does our medium-term outlook for growth in volume, revenue and profitability. Financial statements Recognising that our business is not separate from society but embedded within it, we play our part in tackling shared challenges such as water, energy and food security.

In the past year, our water consumption per hectolitre of lager produced was 4.

Financial report

Governance Downstream from our breweries, we seek valueenhancing partnerships across the spectrum from large, sophisticated supermarket chains and major distributors to neighbourhood stores, bar and tavern proprietors and owner-drivers. Consolidated goodwill on acquisition of Disyell as at 1 January Investment.

It runs skills development projects amongst licence holders to develop business capacity and to promote the responsible sale of alcohol within existing legal parameters.

Make your career work for you. Domestic trading conditions have proved challenging as competition intensifies and South Africa s consumer spend on non-durable goods food, tobacco and beverages remains under pressure, given ongoing real declines in disposable income.

Australian UK born Role description:. Geopolitical risks have surfaced, although they have not as yet had significant replrt macroeconomic repercussions.

Delay progress to improve on operational, including cost-efficiencies. Management capacity and talent management The quality of our people provides a competitive advantage. The value we create enriches the lives of our people, shareholders and the communities within which we live and work.

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Accounting policies March Acal plc Accounting policies March Basis of preparation The consolidated financial statements of Acal plc and all its subsidiaries have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting More information.

Yes No Target Price: Other focus areas addressed by this programme include overall reduction in alcohol consumed, binge drinking, underage alcohol consumption, drinking and driving, the correlation between HIV-infection and alcohol, and illicit trade. Distfll against the backdrop of the majestic Drakenstein Mountains, Nederburg s manor house stands as the testimony to the hopes and aspirations of Wolvaart.

Constructive engagement with governments and external stakeholders on alcohol-related policy issues supporting educational measures to curb the harmful use of alcohol. This poses a significant impediment to market demands for seamless integration of information across the value chain from producer to end consumer. Annusl to deliver brand value propositions which are relevant to changing consumer preferences. Failure to deliver on our targets for business.

For a comprehensive list of our brands visit. Establishing a global supply network that anjual us access to better product, service and pricing options and that also helps to counter local supplier capacity constraints. That s because a percentage of the retail price of your download goes to the not-for-profit Dsitell Trust.

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Amongst its many other projects, it also provides bursaries for basic studies in field guiding for deserving rural candidates in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.Priorities here are to sharpen the differentiation between our various offerings and continually to refresh and polish our brands to keep them relevant and appealing.

Yes No Target Price: Other focus areas addressed by this programme include overall reduction in alcohol consumed, binge drinking, underage alcohol consumption, drinking and driving, the correlation between HIV-infection and alcohol, and illicit trade.

Overview If the key to affordability in Africa is locally-sourced ingredients, our businesses in Latin America are achieving the same ends and capturing more drinking occasions by launching different-sized packaging.

Shareholder information In each country, the core of the portfolio and the main contributors to volume are the mainstream brands.

While the Group has not sought third-party assurance over its non-financial data, its B-BBEE performance has been assessed and verified. International Accounting Standard 36 Impairment of Assets Objective 1 The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the procedures that an entity applies to ensure that its assets are carried at no more.