Finally my “Facing Federer” book is finished, after a month of delays. Here is an excerpt of three players – Dominik Hrbaty, Gilles Muller and. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mark "Scoop" Malinowski has written about tennis since download Facing Federer: Read 21 site Store Reviews - site. com. Federer is viewed by many as possibly the greatest tennis player so far, whereas At Ferreiro had his back against the wall, facing an opponent who was.

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I made the decision to write a book about Roger Federer after Wimbledon in. .. the “Graveyard of Champions”—facing American Bill Scanlon, when he. Scoop Malinowski is the author of Facing Federer ( avg rating, 18 ratings, 1 review, published ), Marcelo Rios ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 rev. A PDF version may be downloaded from the web site ( Mb) with two pages per .. the Earth are facing; they have been thoroughly described in many other.

Federer and Niemeyer played even early on before Federer eventually secured the break and the match. Niemeyer may have lost early once again, but much like Santoro, his memory of one of his best matches ever might be a loss.

Although we hardly knew you, Mr. Cheers, mate, you done good.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for: I played him the first time in Indian Wells. That was back in And he had his long hair [laughs]. That was a pretty nice moment also because it was only my first year at the high level playing the big tournaments.

So that was a nice moment. I like to remember the time we played at the U. Open because that was a close match, at least close to winning one set.

Facing Nadal: Symposium of a Champion – Book Review

So I was very close there. Because you have a lot of those guys you barely see and they barely talk to you. That makes him a pretty good person I think.

And I was just surprised.

Because, for me, it was the first time I was at that stage in the tournament. All the press work with all the interviews and everything. At that point, that was the first time that happened to me, so it was very tough for me.

On the other hand, I just saw him and he was doing the same thing. And I guess he was doing that everyday. I was just asking how he does it. It was pretty nice to speak with him.

I mean, he could have not answered to me, because we played each other the next day. It was a nice memory. And everybody was talking about this Federer guy being the next No.

And I just remember that the racquet flew everywhere on the court [laughs]. He threw his racquet like almost every point he lost.

That was pretty funny. I remember watching that match.

Federer on winning team after facing Serena for 1st time

Open Q Federer ——————————-. This is the day. Dominik Hrbaty: He was comparable to Marcelo Rios, very talented, he has great hands, but the difference was Roger had the big serve, big return. He could make winners out of anything basically. And even out of defense. And Roger is just one of a kind.

If you can beat him you become a part of the history of tennis. And if you beat him, everybody says Wow, congratulations.

You make the news. All the friends suddenly text you. Also you can do it for yourself because you can prove that your own tennis can play against the top player in the world.

And this is the point of tennis. And people are looking to you, that you are the one that can play tennis.

But there was also one in Wimbledon that was our last meeting. Because I beat him two times before. We were very good friends with Roger and he was always joking about when he was going to beat me.

And in Wimbledon, that match, we sit on the bench together, which is very unusual.

On the last changeover I came over and sat with him. So this is the day. My new book about Roger Federer. I love Tursunov. Congratulations on the book being ready to put out there. And fallen apart.

And he was just tearing everywhere. All over the court. And hit some unbelievable winners. And you now, then I was 38, I was still hitting the ball pretty well. It was close.


But I came in the locker room after, the guys sort of looked at me, just to look at my reaction. And my reaction was losing to a fourteen year old. But it was a good experience for me and I think it helped me a lot. It was my first year last year on the Tour and I knew everything, everybody only from the TV. And then all of a sudden I was matched in Paris against the nine-time champion. So it was a very good experience and also helpful. I was impressed by all the intensity and effort that he put into every ball that he hit.

And I actually found his serve really awkward, it moved a lot. Had a lot of slice on his serve. Those were the big things.

north america

Tough to win a point against him. I had already got the win in the first round.

I had no pressure. So I went out there to try to swim freely. I knew obviously it was going to be a tough out but I did think I could trouble him a bit with my game style, the way I play. And, you know, it was suddenly one break at the end of that set. So it was pretty tight.

My first serve return, those were the main things. But apart from that I kind of expected most of it. I think I talked with him a bit about golf.

I think there was golf on TV. So my coach and I talked a little bit of golf with him [smiles]. And that was probably about an hour before the match. But then obviously when we got closer he started getting prepared, like every other player. I enjoyed playing him, sharing the court with him.

So that was the first time we met.This is his last year on tour. Those were the big things. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and download your free eBook. So that was a nice moment.

And then, after a certain amount of time, you start feeling like Roger never farts. I'd like to receive the free email course. Take your time there are so many terrific tennis books to read, also older ones from decades ago.