Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed YA thriller When, and also writes extensively for the adult paranormal mystery. When by Victoria Laurie (review); Alaine Martaus · Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books · Johns Hopkins Laurie, Victoria When. Download PDF. The Paperback of the When by Victoria Laurie at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more! Book trailer for students by students Texas Lonestar List.

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When the boy goes missing on that exact date, law enforcement turns to Maddie. Soon, Maddie is entangled in a homicide investigation, and more young people disappear and are later found murdered. When was like a taste of reality.

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When by Victoria Laurie

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Despite the fact that Maddie's mother is an alcoholic, I was glad to see that Maddie had other adults in her life whom she could turn to for support. The relationship between Maddie and her Uncle Donny, a bachelor who keeps insisting that Maddie can leave her mother and move in with him, is akin to that of a father and daughter.

Maddie's father was Uncle Donny's brother and though it has been years since his death, neither of them can forget him. Moreover, Donny makes Maddie proud to be her father's daughter and though the two face their own set of relationship woes--namely the fact that Maddie is loyal to her mother when Donny can see that it isn't a healthy, or normal, relationship--they work well together as a team and Donny goes above and beyond to make sure that Maddie is safe and protected, despite the mayhem around her.

Maddie's friendship with Stubs is also at the forefront of this novel and their relationship goes through some truly difficult circumstances. Laurie isn't afraid to go to extreme measures when it comes to reinforcing the seriousness of this situation and though, at its core, When is an impeccably written and neatly planned murder mystery, that doesn't decrease the strength of the character relationships throughout the novel.

Speaking of the mystery, however, I have to admit that I did not, at all, under any circumstances, predict the final reveal. Laurie threw in plenty of red herrings and clues but the true identity of the murderer is one that I am confident no reader will be able to guess beforehand. It's sneaky, it's shocking, and it all makes too much sense in retrospect--just as an excellent mystery should do. Maddie deals with so much in this novel--FBI questioning, an alcoholic mother, a murderer on the loose, bullying as a result of the FBI's suspicions--that she has little time to be a normal teenager.

Yet, despite the fact that there is little to no romance in this novel, we do receive a final, all-too-perfect glimpse of it at the end. And, let me tell you, it is cute beyond measure. I really enjoyed the fact that When remained focused on Maddie, the mystery at hand, and her consequent growth and change as a result of the investigation. Maddie learns a lot about her abilities over the course of this novel and, what's more, she learns a lot about herself.

While she begins this story as a teen trying to fit in and hide her abilities, she grows to embrace them by the end and the confidence she accumulates over the course of this difficult murder is heart-warming to see. Thus, I appreciate that Laurie didn't make, say, Stubs, the romantic interest nor were the trickles of the love story involved, in any way, with the murder at hand.

Both are separate storylines, one obviously the main plot, but they converge beautifully in an ending that is completely satisfying. If there's one author you should be looking out for in the YA genre, it's Victoria Laurie.

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Apr 06, Amanda Kratz rated it liked it. Actual rating 2. I breezed through it in no time at all and was never bored.

Extremely annoyed at times, but not bored. Maddie can see the date that people are going to die and when kids from the town start dying on the days she has foretold the police assume she and her best friend are serial killers. Her powers are never explained they simply are. However what annoys me until the last 20 pages of the book the date she sees is the date. Th Actual rating 2.

There is no altering it, however all of a sudden numbers flicker and changed based on decisions that those characters make. It is so inconsistent and stupid. End of the book - mom finally makes a good choice and her date changes. It is just dumb. Which also brings me to why is the FBI investigating these murders which in the beginning were not deemed serial killer and seems to have an office in this tiny podunk town?

Where are the local cops that would help out. Maddie is a bit of a jerk at times especially to her uncle. She makes terrible terrible decisions. Uncle Donny who is a lawyer: The romance - what a joke! Why even bother to have it? Here let me go ahead and give you the entire romance.

Seriously book? What was the point Aiden is such a throw away character - he added nothing at all to the book - why include him? And then why make your creepy dedication reference him like he is an important role. Stubbs has a hard time in the book and rather than dealing with his issues.

He just suddenly becomes better like someone switched a magic button. Again come on. Anyway super easy read. It is a stand alone. The writing is enjoyable and easy to read but the characters and story details just made me shake my head. View 2 comments. Jan 14, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it liked it Shelves: Maddie Fynn is your average teenager with a special gift.

She can see numbers associated with each and every person. However, Maddie only knows the dates and not the how and why of it… So wh Maddie Fynn is your average teenager with a special gift. However, Maddie only knows the dates and not the how and why of it… So when a recent client goes missing on the predicted date, Maddie becomes a suspect in the case.

How will she clear her name and will she be able to find out what really happened? It was easy to like Maddie as the shy teenager from a broken home.

I liked her and her best friend Stubby quite a bit in the beginning. Their interactions are always interesting. However as the novel progressed, I was a bit irritated by their stupidity over and over again. I mean, I do expect teenagers to make mistakes, but not like they do. It is like they never really learn. Then there are the law enforcement officials who are just so informal and hilarious that it was difficult to take them seriously. Maddie was surely a better bet.

The certain depth that the characters of a mystery novel should posses was clearly missing and it took away some of the good feeling about the book. The plot is something new for me. I do not know if there are similar books out there or not, but I actually loved the plot. The concept that Maddie can see the date of the death of a person, but not how is very interesting.

Plus there is enough action and drama to keep a reader glued to the pages. The narrative style is easy going and as such it is easy to get into this book.

This book had great potential that was not fully utilized. But still an entertaining read. Sep 13, Chloe M rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read the book When by Victoria Laurie. When is a book about a high school girl named Maddie Finn.

At a young age she finds out that she has a special ability. She sees numbers that that float on peoples for heads. Her life has been hard losing her dad then her mom turning in to an alcoholic. Her life is like a rolcoster with all the up and down she has had in it. Her ability of seeing numbers has not made it any easier. In the beginning there was one spot that lost my attention but, I kept r I read the book When by Victoria Laurie. In the beginning there was one spot that lost my attention but, I kept reading and it very intriguing.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes murder mystery and loves the suspense in books. The book has you wanting to read one page after another after another. View all 17 comments. Jan 07, Valerie rated it it was ok Shelves: First, this isn't a romance.

There is a hint in the blurb that it is but Maddie's attraction to Aiden is such a miniscule part of the story that it didn't even come into play. Second, for me, this story was too forced. There are several things I'm just not downloading at all. The paranormal aspect of it is fine. I'm not bothered by that at all.

It's the FBI and school issues that just had me fuming mad. As a teacher, I saw so many things that just wouldn't happen in a school or with teenagers that I k First, this isn't a romance. As a teacher, I saw so many things that just wouldn't happen in a school or with teenagers that I know. The FBI isn't going to be involved after only 24 hours of a person going missing. Nor would they spend the amount of resources stalking a sixteen year old on such circumstantial evidence.

The local police would have to contact the guardian for anything like what was done in the book. I'm also doubtful that a minor would be thrown into prison with felons on such circumstantial evidence.

Someone as young as sixteen with no previous issues would be protected more even if they were being charged as an adult. It felt like this was forced to make the story work with little regard for reality. Then there is the way the teachers were portrayed as Maddie was investigated. She's a model student. Behavior and grades are almost perfect. When she's under suspicion, all the teachers except one and the principal treat her terribly.

I can see the students doing it but a teacher wouldn't even if they felt it. She was treated differently and punished for ridiculous things. They made comments that were uncalled for and unprofessional.

They graded her work differently then they had before. They looked the other way when students bullied her. They even encouraged the bullying. Teachers wouldn't risk their license for something like this. Again, it felt like this was forced to make the story work. I was insulted and disgusted by it.

Finally, I got very tired of Maddie's uncle calling her kiddo. She is shy and sweet. Not a typical sixteen year old at all but I just didn't see her as a kiddo. I wanted to yell at her uncle on her behave to let her been a teenager and not a kiddo.

It was hard to finish this one but I did it because I wanted to know who the killer was. The story is like a piece puzzle where the pieces were thrown in the air and fell everywhere. There are so many options that I wanted to know how it fit. I really wasn't surprised at all with who it was but I wasn't satisfied either. I am happy with the ending. I like that Maddie finally had some good things happen in her life. She had endured so much and she really is a sweet girl.

Nov 10, Booknut rated it really liked it Shelves: Why did fate choose me for such a cruel gift? It's a question I've asked myself a million times, and I'm still looking for the answer. I think there may not be one, because knowing when someone will die has never changed anything. I've never saved anybody or given them more time. I'm just the messenger. Etched onto people's foreheads are little black numbers only Maddie Fynn can see.

Far from being lucky in nature, these numbers are people's death-dates. Just by looking at someone - either in person, or through a photo - Maddie can tell how long they have left to live. Years, months, weeks But not everyone wants to know what the future holds.

Knowing when people are going to die is horrible enough. But having to tell them is even worse. In order to make money to support her and her mother, Maddie takes on clients - selling her 'death readings' to the curious, the desperate, the hopeful. And it all goes relatively well Because a client's son has gone missing. And the date he was last seen? The exact date Maddie gave.

She knows the when The law enforcement are on the case, and there's no room for supernatural abilities in their law books. As more and more young people keep disappearing and turning up murdered, all roads seem to lead to Maddie. Each of the victims is connected to her in some way. But who's pulling the strings? And what - or who - do they want?

A tangle of mystery and layered emotions, When is a book to look out for.

If you love a good mystery - with a touch of the paranormal, and a romance that doesn't overpower the plot - then When is definitely for you. Be sure to grab your copy of When when it's released on January 13th Apr 10, Amanda rated it really liked it.

I'm pretty impressed with this book as a whole. Maddie is a girl with an ability to see death dates, but the paranormal aspect of the book ends there. Victoria Laurie made the perfect recipe with this book.

She used a pinch of supernatural ability, threw it into a realistic world and then stirred in a mystery.

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Her book came out as a captivating page turner with an unexpected ending. Let me talk about that for a second. I read in a couple reviews that the ending wasn't expected. So I spent the ent I'm pretty impressed with this book as a whole.

So I spent the entire book trying to guess the murderer. I accused everyone in my head! But I humbly say that I could not solve the mystery until maybe 10 pages before it was revealed. I'm pretty disappointed in my skills as a super-sleuth, but very impressed with Victoria Laurie.

The only reason that this is getting four stars instead of five is because there were a few points in the story where it lagged a little. For most of the story I didn't want to put the book down, but there were times where I wanted it to move a little faster. Some thoughts on the ending.

It takes a lot of work, not just one little stint in a rehab. It was such a great ending! Jan 08, haley rated it really liked it Shelves: Actual rating: I was expecting to not like this very much, because the beginning was a bit slow, and some things made no sense, and a certain character was an idiot, but I ended up really enjoying this. I really liked Maddie, she was just really nice and I sympathized with her quite easily. The friendship between Maddie and Stubby was really cute, although Stubby kind of acted like an idiot sometimes.

And Mrs. Duncan was so sweet! I hated the FBI guys at first Actual rating: I hated the FBI guys at first, but they grew on me.

The mystery was so interesting and it had me on my toes the whole time. The ending was super surprising, I totally did not expect it! But, I did take away a half star, because some things did not make sense.

Why would the FBI go after two teenagers, when they only had circumstantial evidence? And how Maddie got her ability to see deathdates is never explained.

Plus, there were soooooo many red herrings. And I didn't like Maddie's mom. But other than those minor things, I thought When was an interesting and enjoyable YA mystery. Sep 22, Keira L rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this book because it was about a girl named Maddie Fynn a shy high school girl, who could see people's death dates! It's a little scary being her because not everyone believes her. So when a mother comes over to their house to see if her sick child will live, she hands Maddie a picture of her two sons.

Maddie says " Your child that is sick will live but, your other child's death date is soon. Then the child who's death date was a day away the child went missing the mother blamed it on Maddie, because she thought Maddie did it.

Who killed the mothers son and will they go after Maddie, who knows read to find out more. This book made me so sad I had to take a break for one whole day just to feel better. I wold recommend this to anyone who is willing to cry at hand or likes mystery books.

Feb 22, Sivi rated it really liked it. So frustrating and yet so good! I loved it from the very beginning to the end. You can imagine how many problems that can bring you. When I was through the middle of the book I kind of hated every character except Maddie, but at the end I loved them all because that endin So frustrating and yet so good! When I was through the middle of the book I kind of hated every character except Maddie, but at the end I loved them all because that ending was awesome.

Sep 10, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was super intense and un-put-downable. I read through the night! I love how I couldn't guess the ending at all.Craig Barnes Siegel's Evidence: Paul Stevens. Maddie and her friend want to do something with these death dates. Reviewed by: Download Journey to Heavenly Mountain: They graded her work differently then they had before.

I can see the students doing it but a teacher wouldn't even if they felt it. Nichols pdf.