Eclipse Phase is a trademark of Posthuman Studios LLC. Some content . the text and artwork within this book under the following conditions. Eclipse Phase Firewall: Posthuman Studios: Books. But I've never really understood what kind of book Firewall will be. Of course, inside information about the organization Firewall is a given, but.

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Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Firewall Game (4 Player). Eclipse Phase: Firewall - Firewall is a secret organization artwork from the book, and other extras, please check out the Firewall Hack Pack or. The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game is released under a Creative Commons had 4 source books (Core rules, Sunward, Rimward and Firewall) in hard prints.

Characters typically work for a shadowy organization called 'Firewall', who are attempting to ensure the survival of the solar system. They just finished a Kickstarter to fund a second edition, which currently has a digital quick start guide, playtest packet, and not much else released.

Interestingly, while the first edition was billed as "A game of transhuman horror", the second edition is called "A game of transhuman survival". This suggests that they might be toning town the game's cosmic horror elements. There was a massive war between first world nations and corporations, then the singularity happened, and a bunch of seed AIs called the TITANs went crazy, Earth had to be evacuated.

Now everybody lives elsewhere - on the partially terraformed surface of Mars, on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, floating above the clouds of Venus, or in space stations and hollowed out asteroids across the solar system. Nanotech is readily available, people can copy their minds to computers, and humans uplifted a couple of species mostly different types of apes, birds, and cetaceans into human-level sentience through genetic engineering.

They might be tranhumanity's ticket to survival as a species by allowing expansion to varied locations throughout the galaxy, or they might be a trap or Trojan horse that will lead to death and horrible Cthulhu-style alien threats. Who knows? Some aliens calling themselves 'The Factors' appeared, claiming to represent the rest of galactic civilization, but they are very mysterious and possibly completely manipulative assholes who want to fuck humanity over.

Or maybe they're helpful - who knows? There's an odd thing called the Exsurgent virus mostly thought to be left behind by the TITANs, but some think they only found it , that's basically everything horrible about nanoplagues and the Warp that you could ever imagine, rolled into a single ever-changing threat that seems guided by unknowable intelligences to better improve itself and screw with everybody else through intense body horror and mental reprogramming.

On the other hand, it's so incredibly advanced that understanding it would be a huge leap forwards for science, and the Watts-McLeod strain might just be a relatively safe and easy path to functional psychic powers. Or it might all be an even more insidious horrible trap. The solar system alone contains more factions and sub-factions than your average Drow city, and they trust each other about as much as the Drow do. Or maybe they're all wrong, and everything will end in a huge war throughout the solar system.

It's full of the stuff! If the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity's technology doesn't scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will. And the setting itself is absurdly full of plot hooks and conspiracies to get repeatedly killed by have fun with. Also there are space-whales living in the sun, and all kinds of weird ass fucking to be had. Especially if you join a Scum swarm, or any of the other groups who use the incredible potential offered by transhumanity's technology to do weird shit going from absolutely crazy sex to pseudo-Darwinian "enhanced natural selection" through cannibalism and fighting to the death repeatedly.

This game's setting is incredibly well developed and thought out aside from maybe one massive hangup; see below and overall it's quite a nice read. The core rulebook itself isn't an awful way to expose people to transhumanist ideas and implications, either. The fact that the PDFs are free is nice too.

In case you haven't noticed, there's a pretty big pulsating nodule in the setting's premise and logic, it's infamous for tying the Eclipse Phase forums in intellectual knots. You see, the centerpiece of the Eclipse Phase version of transhumanism is the ability to translate human consciousness into data and copy it between bodies and across interplanetary data links. The operative words here are translate and copy.

The front page blog was updated, all our social media was updated. Mailing list stuff will go out next week after the book is sent to the printers. I noticed that Ross Payton and Caleb Stokes are credited on this book.

Does that mean that Space Lumber is officially canon now? Probably not, but you're welcome to enjoy this table of Icelandic Coast Guard Ranks on Wikipedia, which I used as a source. I remember how much was cut from previous books that I helped proofread. So much good material that just doesn't fit into the flow of the book, or can't fit into the word count.

It's such a shame. It then became a term used to describe crap that filled up cargo holds that was irrelevant to the party. Lol I see now. I tried to listen to the Know Evil campaign but they really need to work on their recording set up. One of my players is a Titanian Navy Officer, and that would simplify things considerably. I skipped over the section on other parties in Firewall, partly because it was dragging on, but also partly because I'm a player in a Titan-based police special services game and I wanted to maybe not go and expose myself to stuff my GM might plan to pull on me.

At least for now. When my own game gets to Titan, all bets are off. Anyway, apologies if this question was answered in a part of the book I skipped.

Other services are NATO-y.

Cops are mostly civilian, ordered by districts which is the pattern for most Scandinavian police services. Virtual "districts" often exist for abstract things like mesh crime. You have stumbled upon it, the first part of a mass conspiracy inside a conspiracy, leading you all the way to Orchestra and Attaches, p. Fill in the middle part of the conspiracy yourself or accept my answer, which is that cross-referencing plugins are only as accurate as the human clicking on entries.

I think we finally have an answer to the original question: Lots and lots of pop culture references and puns. So looking forward to the print pre-order, this is a book I want in my sweaty lil' hands more than any but core and Transhuman.

I know maybe this is probably just because I've read every book cover-to-cover and have a lot to draw on and connect when I'm reading Firewall, but I seriously think it's the best EP book out yet.

What is Eclipse Phase?

It sparks exponentially more ideas for characters than plot ideas, and I'm drowning in plot ideas. And knowing that the next Big Book docking distantly at the end of the pipeline it'll be coming down is X-Risks is just sweet, delicious icing. Not on the cake, I'm just eating a bucket of icing in this extended metaphor at this point. Last post.

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Thu, Firewall - What's in it? Hi, I think I'm not alone when I'm saying that I have that feeling. Wed, From Facebook:. From Facebook: There's a page chapter chapter, hah! Mon, I'll tell you what it doesn't. I'll tell you what it doesn't have: Tue, I'm really intrigued by the. Starkiller wrote: I'm really.

Sorry, not going to answer any more questions until the next official posting. AdamJury wrote: Firewall TOC. ORCACommander wrote: Seriously guys: This is why. This is why they're not releasing on Wend like normally do. Tis legit -. Neo-Avians: are uplifted birds like crows, ravens, parrots and so on. About as large as human children, they have been made more dextrous and were given extra digits on the wings like bats. They can fly in 1g environments, so when dealing with other kinds of gravity is going to be a bit of an issue.

Neotenic : Transhumans modified to always look like children. Because they're small, agile and don't need many resources they are ideal on spacecraft, but even in-universe people are weirded out by sleeving into kids or kids sleeving into adults , banning them in certain areas.

Novacrabs: For when you want to play a man-sized sapient spider crab. To stay in-character and respect the spirit of the developers, complain loudly about how no one in the inner system wants to hang out with you just because you're a giant fucking monster crab from hell. There's also a spider tank Morph out there, for when your Novacrab player decides to keep trolling you while adding enough combat utility to solo a small army to his PC.

Reapers : An armoured disk with four arms, each capable of fucking your shit up. It can also maneuver in microgravity, due to having small thrusters. Reapers are forbidden on most habitats because people fear their sheer potential for badassness. For extra lulz, visit a Scum Barge with one of these things and four flamethrowers installed and when they object, burn them all down while shouting something about your morphological freedom.

The Ultimates love these babies, and few other people like the Ultimates. I wonder why? Spares : One moment you're in a firefight or you're looking at alien flora, the next thing you're in a small robotic bug. Congratulations, you died. Spares are useful because they can collapse into a 2 kilogram disc only half a foot across, and they're designed to allow for easy plug and play functionality in case of an untimely death.

Common equipment for those who go gatecrashing, but the problem is that they're not very useful for Suryas: Eclipse Phase has a lot of odd morphs for those who want to explore areas with harsh environmental conditions, from the centaur guys you can have on the frigid surface of Titan to the odd synthmorphs you might want to use to fly among the rings of Saturn for months on end. Suryas, however, are even odder. While most people might want one of the specially designed robot bodies for this, it is entirely possible to become a red space whale that uses magnetic field shenanigans to fly around in the Sun's corona.

And yes, there is a humanoid version you can use to go surfing on a space whale inside the Sun. Swarmanoids : A swarm composed of thousands of insect-sized microbots that share one consciousness. Awesome in theory, but have fun arguing about the intricacies of the sensory input of the damn thing , or watch your player stack every fucking implant in the book on the swarm and then try to electrocute a thousand enemies at once.

That the Swarmanoid has special rules on fucking everything, including picking up fucking crates, doesn't help. Just introduce strong winds and watch the Swarmanoid get literally pulled apart and die if it pisses you off too much. Or use EMP's. Normal synths can survive those, but Swarmanoids get positively rekt by them.

Takkos: No, not Mexican. It's a robot octopus morph designed for uplifted octopi.

There are some humans who use them too, because being a robot octopus is fucking awesome and sleeving into a synthmorph is a lot less stressful than turning yourself into an actual octopus. There are all kinds of lulz you can get up to with 8 arms that can stick to walls, like shooting 4 guns at once or crawling into places nobody else could dream of reaching.

Like the Reaper this morph also has thrusters built-in so it can "swim" through microgravity. Notable Factions roughly Sunward to Rimward [ edit ] Morningstar Constellation: An alliance of floating city-states of Venus that used to be ruled by the Planetary Consortium, but decided to say fuck you to Mars and formed their own nation.

Essentially a "neutral" version of the "Evil" Mars, or at least that is what the biased narrators all say. Decided to prevent their world being terraformed because they liked clouds.

This decaying state is the most conservative transhuman, non-jovian state in the system, and has the largest amount of people wanting to reclaim Earth. Mars: As the closest place that needs only minimal technological aid for humans to live, the bulk of Fall refugees naturally came here first. All the wealthiest and coolest bastards got together on Mars after The Fall and formed this super-club.

They don't use slaves for menial labor jobs. They employ indentured infuegees in tasks they wouldn't trust a self-aware AI to do. Sure, they sometimes extend a persons contract for arbitrary reasons like "Letting anti-corporate terrorists damage valuable property.

There are various interesting corporations within the Consortium. Barsoomians: The blue collar working class of the planet Mars. I guess they should called red-collared since they have to deal with the rusty dust storm.

Anyways, their needs aren't always met by the Consortium, who they share Mars with.


Besides being Populists, most Barsoomians don't have much in common with each other than speaking like Texans and having Korean names. Some of them are actually Islamic terraforming engineers, who roam the planet and, in a role reversal, dodge giant explosions thrown at them by corporations. What do you get? This faction. The biggest reason you should respect these Luddites is that they'll never be eaten by a swarm of self replicating nanobots of their own design.

Another reason they deserve respect is that in combat they employ the equivalent of Imperial Guardsmen: Unaugmented human fodder armed with simple robust weapons and balls of steel, though recently this shifted to just-as-augmented Jovians who think that they sold their souls to the devil for the sake of their country. Politically, these guys are a "republic" in the Classical Age Greek sense of the word, as in: If you have fulfilled mandatory military service or are the offspring of a politician, then you get to vote.

What are you voting on? You're voting for a Senator who will hopefully vote yes on the bill to give your space station some radiation shielding. Unfortunately, they'll never be expanded on - the designers have noted in the forums that they like to keep a strawman 'big bad guy' faction for Space Sweden to face off against despite all the interesting possibilities inherent in the idea of transhuman rejectionists in a world full of transhumans.

Autonomist Alliance: The loose bloc of anarchists, whose main stated ideal is to restart progress of knowledge and humanity by taking off the shackles of entrenched traditions enforced by old governments, thought in practice in most cases it amounts to people just wanting to get away from Earth. Obviously, they got a substantial membership boost after the Fall. Despite appearances, the Autonomists owe their continued existence to the Jovians, who consider everything beyond the orbit of Jupiter their sphere of influence.

On at least one occasion, the Jovian Junta stopped the Consortium takeover of an Autonomist hab whose control of Jupiter gravity well prevents other factions from moving large amount of military hardware to the outer system. Notable members of the Alliance are: Firewall: The default protagonist faction.

It is an underground organization dedicated to fighting x-risks, extinction level threats to humanity, formed by the remnants of the similar national programs who were not taken seriously before The Fall.

It is very loosely organized, with individual cells barely working together for the sake of secrecy, if they even know of each other at all. Extropians: The First Autonomists living in the space station Extropia orbiting close to the asteroid belt.

Unlike the rest of anarchists who have communists leanings, these are the followers of extreme free market capitalism with no standardization or regulation whatsoever.

This communist-technocratic nation is the only autonomist faction large enough to qualify as an actual nation. Follows or tries to the principles of direct democracy. The only currency outside of the reputation economy is the kroner, which can only be invested in research projects.

Eclipse Phase

Their influence has been steadily growing since the fall and other autonomist factions are getting little worried that they might end up as Commonwealth satellites. But Titanians have no such ambitions, yet Argonauts: Essentially a loose cooperation of scientists doing whatever they want.But that may change! This is why. I had heard some things about the game but nothing that piqued my curiosity.

You just show him a character sheet and each skill value is a percentile. Also known as ghost, soul, essence, spirit, persona.