Game Concepts: Steve KenSon, nicole lindrooS, chriS PramaS, & robert J. Schwalb. Additional Design: Joe carriKer & JeSSe Scoble. Development: Steve. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd The Basics A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (SIFRP) is a game in which the players. and Fire Roleplaying? A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (or SIFRP for short) is a game based on the best-selling fantasy series by George R. R. Martin.

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Of all the people born, living, and who will eventually die in the Seven. Kingdoms, you are different, for you are important, and your story mat- ters. You are. Game Resources A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying -PDF Collection . Probably from the World if Ice and Fire, but here's the wiki page. Night's Watch A Sourcebook for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Authors: Joe Carriker, John Hay, Lee Hammock, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, and Brett.

They are not welcome in Westeros, but it would be shortsighted to assume that they have no friends among the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms. The North he North is a cold land, wild and savage, sparsely populated, and immense in scale. It runs from the Neck to the ceiling of the world. They are practical, honorable, and tend towards blunt honesty, and these sentiments are echoed in many of their sworn houses.

Although the lords and ladies wear their house colors proudly, they tend to prefer simpler dress, eschewing the fanciful and ostentatious attire of southron houses. Still, many of the houses have a storied tradition, and Winterfell is one of the greatest holdings in Westeros, second to none in the North. The bannermen of the North are a fierce lot.

It is said they are excellent allies and terrible enemies. Many are as old as their liege lords, or near enough. The Karstarks of Karhold trace their lineage back to the Stark line, though today there is little resemblance between the families. The Mormonts of Bear Island claim to have been given their homestead after the ancient King Rodrik Stark won the island in a wrestling match. The true bears of the North, however, are the Umbers of Last Hearth, giants of men much like their sigil.

The Boltons long were enemies to the Starks until the lords of Dreadfort bent the knee a thousand years past. Then there are the mountain clans who are barely more civilized than the clans of the Mountains of the Moon.

Even the Flints of Widows Watch apparently have wild Flint cousins in the hills. Finally, the crannogmen, the southernmost families of the North who live in the marshy Neck, also follow the Starks. Other Northmen fear and shun them for their peculiar ways. The Iron Islands are a cluster of rocks on the western coast of the Seven Kingdoms, west of the Trident, north of the westerlands and just a touch south of the Neck.

Although the mainland is normally pleasant and temperate, here, cold north winds and squalls batter Ironmans Bay, beating a hardness into the people that is unrivalled.

The Ironborn The ironborn who dwell upon this island chain held a culture of reaving and pillaging for thousands of years. Called ironmen by the rest of Westeros, ironborn reavers traveled the coast, sailing north along the Neck and around Cape Kraken into Blazewater Bay, and all along the stony shore to Bear Island. They also sailed south to the Reach, threatening as far south as Oldtown and the Arbor, raiding, raping, and burning.

The most recent monument to their military conquests is the massive architecture of Castle Harrenhal, built by King Harwyn Hardhand and his son Harren to mark their domain that once stretched across the riverlands from the Neck to the Blackwater Rush. The ironborn historically followed traditions alien to the Seven Kingdoms, known today as the Old Way.

Some still cling to this brutal philosophy and their faith in the Drowned God, rejecting both the Seven and the old gods of the First Men. The priests of the Drowned God are strange creatures who braid seaweed in their hair and dress in clothes the color of the sea.

They drown their followers in an act of obedience and faith and then resuscitate them, bringing them back from the cusp of death. They preach that those who follow the Old Way will earn a seat at the feast in the watery halls of the Drowned God as a reward for their glorious victories. In their religion, the Drowned God is locked in eternal struggle with the Storm God, who batters and blasts the islands and hates all ironborn.

The Old Way gives some sense of coherence and tradition to their culture of reaving and judges a man on his martial skills. The ironborn must pay the iron price for valuables and luxuries, meaning they must be taken by force and not simply downloadd with coin or barter, as is the way of the civilized mainland.

The ironborn did not limit themselves to material goods and so claimed thralls, forcing their captives to work on their farms and in their minesor warm their beds as salt wives. The ironborn claim their sons were not meant for such a pitiful life of labor, and their daughters may fight, pillage, or even captain a ship as well as any man. The ironborn have a saying that the sea gives their women the appetites of a man.

Those that marry become the rock wife of their household, nearly equal to their husbands. The Nights Watch Night gathers, and now my watch begins, are the first words that every Sworn Brother of the Nights Watch speaks when he says his vows.

The Watch considers itself the swords in the darkness, the watchers on the walls, the fires that hold back the cold, and the shields of men. Although the Nights Watch is but a shade of its glory years, good men still cling to tradition and serve the realm by protecting the people from the barbaric wildlings in the Far North. The Nights Watch takes in men of any stripe from any part of Westeros. Many second and third sons, especially those of lesser lords, go to serve on the Wall.

There, a man proves his worth by his actions, not his blood. Even bastards and criminals given a second chance may rise to honor, though it is a lonely spot at the top of the world. Brothers of the Nights Watch are forgiven their past sins, but they give up their lands and families, and they swear to take no wives nor father any children.

It is a vow taken for life. Although large enough to quarter 5, fighting knights, it holds but a tenth of that number, and many sections have been left dark and cold and have begun to crumble. After Aegon burned Harrens line at Harrenhal, he let the ironborn lords choose their new overlord from their own. However, the ironmen lost their hold on the riverlands and were pushed back to their archipelago, the three islands of Pyke, and the isles of Old Wyk, Great Wyk, Harlaw, Orkmont, Saltcliffe, Blacktyde, and dozens of cliffs, crags, islets, and rocky spurs, some too small to hold even a village.

Perhaps because their islands are so bleak, the ironborn are more at home upon their longships, sailing the sea they love so fiercely. Every captain is said to be a king on his own ship, and every king must be a captain. Balons second son, Maron, was killed when King Roberts forces assaulted Pyke.

Once the fighting was finished, Eddard Stark took Balons youngest child and only surviving son, Theon, to foster in Winterfell. Balons power was reduced, but he remains lord of the Iron Islands, with his only daughter, Asha, a willful girl and daring captain in her own right, now his unofficial heir. His lords rallied to his cause to bring back the Old Way and return to the life of raiding. However, Greyjoy would only wear his crown for a single season.

King Robert Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark reunited against this threat and called their bannermen to deal with the ironmen. During this era, the children of the forest lived alone throughout Westeros and worshipped natural gods, such as the gods of the trees and rocks and streams. This period lasted until the arrival of the First Men, who invaded Westeros about 12, years ago.

The First Men came from the east across a land bridge, through what would one day be known as Dorne. The First Men brought bronze weapons and horses with them, in addition to their own gods. The children eventually shattered the land bridge, creating the region known today as the Broken Arm of Dorne and the Stepstones, but it was too late to stop the First Men. The war between the children of the forest and the First Men lasted for centuries until they buried their enmity by forging the Pact on the Isle of Faces.

The Pact was a great peace that ended the Dawn Age and began the Age of Heroes: four thousand years of friendship between the First Men and the children. They worked together, traded between their villages, and the First Men even took on the old gods of the children, adopting the carved weirwoods as their own. This era also encompassed the founding of the Seven Kingdoms, though that name would not come into the histories until far later. Many of the noble houses of Westeros today trace their lineage back to the Age of Heroes, when grand figures such as Brandon the Builder and Lann the Clever were said to have lived.

The Starks, family of Brandon the Builder, rose as the rulers in the North. She is in short Thanquol disguised as a beautiful blonde woman. Gets anticlimactically squashed by a collapsing ceiling along with Jaime during Daenerys's assault on King's Landing. He loves his sister in every sense of the word and had three children with her. Killed the last king despite his oath, and is widely hated for it, even though everyone agrees that dying was a massive improvement for Aerys.

The reason for this betrayal was that Aerys had a huge stockpile of Acme Brand Magic Napalm stockpiled under the city, ready to be set off the moment a siege broke through the town walls, and Jaime's options were to let it happen or kill Aerys before the crazy fuck got everybody killed. His desire to openly love his sister and win the respect he feels he deserves eventually causes Cersei to reject him. Starts off as an arrogant douche and tried to murder Bran Stark, but accidentally crippled him instead ; he becomes otherwise quite bro-tier besides the whole wants-to-fuck-his-sister thing, though he grows out of that as well when he realizes what a bitch she is and that there's plenty of women who want his jock - even the hunky Brienne isn't that bad looking.

Thoroughly humbled to boot after learning a few hard lessons, losing his sword hand, and having some time to rethink his life. Also the only person in his family who treats Tyrion well, along with one of his aunts and two dead uncles.

Essentially, a more incestuous and douchey Blood Angel.

In the books, he is currently being lured into a trap by Lady Stoneheart. In the show, he has finally told Cersei to get fucked after realizing that she has well and truly lost it, and is riding north to help fight the White Walkers. He survives the Battle of Winterfell, hooks up with Brienne, and then rides south because he just can't let Cersei go. Winds up getting shanked by Euron Greyjoy and dies via collapsing ceiling. Tyrion Lannister, Halfman: a very intelligent dwarf who is awesome, but hated by all of the civilized characters in the books, except his brother Jaime.

He seems to do much better with whores, rogues, and barbarians. His silver tongue is one of his greatest strengths he's witty and good at persuading people and weaknesses he's quick with insults and the truth in a city ruled by sociopaths and liars. Tyrion is also one of the only characters with an actual sense of the bigger picture, and an interest toward steering the world toward an outcome that doesn't involve a Warhammer End Times scenario.

Unfortunately, the world's movers, shakers, and those who generally have the power to make a difference are increasingly either a dead, b scattered to the winds, or c hate his dwarf guts. Despite the increasing difficulty and fruitlessness of his task, however, Tyrion still fights.

After being framed for killing Joffrey, he killed his own father and is currently in exile in the Free Cities, weaseling his way into leading a merc band and trying to sign them up with Daenerys' forces, recognizing her as one of the few chances Westeros has got of fixing its shit provided she can get her own shit together, which she's having a bit of trouble with. Since characters in this series tend to either be walking tropes, rip-offs of other fantasy characters, or historical people with different names, Tyrion is probably based on the great Miles Vorkosigan who was himself based on a few people including Sir Winston Churchill and is a nod to King Richard III a deformed but competent king later demonized by historians of his era.

Even if he is usually the smartest one in the room at any given time, though, Tyrion is still not above having some derp moments. Exhibit A, when Tyrion asked his father what happened to his first wife right before killing him , he took an obvious "I don't know and I don't care," response as actual, literal directions.

The show version meets Daenerys and becomes her Hand only to fuck up a bunch of stuff and lose her trust. Sells her out when he realizes that she's gone round the bend and winds up becoming Hand to King Bran.

Kevan Lannister: Tywin's younger brother, considered "the reliable one". One of the few decent Lannisters, though saying that he is perfectly happy carrying out Tywin's bidding. Tried to talk sense into Cersei and was later called in to try and fix her mess. He did such a good job of it that Varys decided to personally thank him. With a crossbow. And a group of knife-wielding children.

Cersei and Robert's actually Jaime's children: Joffrey Baratheon: "Heir" of the throne, and technical king of Westeros during the War of the Five Kings since he lives in King's Landing and sits on the throne. Turned out to be worse than Aerys. He died and there was much rejoicing. Except by his mother, who instead had sex on his corpse.

Fourteen years old at time of death. Tommen Baratheon: The new king on the Iron Throne. Nine years old. Married to a teenaged shotacon wife who's unknown to him the granddaughter of his brother's true killer. Trying to litigate the criminalization of beets. Loves kittens. He's pretty well-rounded and non-fucked up, which is a miracle considering his parents, both putative and biological. Also seems to be trying to take kinging seriously, but his mom is trying to quash that in her subliminal attempt to hold power indefinitely, so whether it holds is another matter entirely.

Prophesied to die before Cersei, which doubly tragic due to his age and being a much better person than her. He commits suicide after Cersei gets her revenge via killing his wife, godfather, great-uncle, and all his religious friends via blowing up the ASOIAF equivalent of St. Peter's Basilica, because of course her power hunger was more important than his happiness and well being.

Mycella Baratheon: Princess, and Cersei and "Robert's" second oldest child.

She had her face fucked up because of Arianne Martell's amateur intrigues, which overlapped with poor planning, general stupidity, and another guy's backstabbing. Ten years old. Before the maiming, she was quite decent and non-evil.

Who knows how she'll turn out now with half of her face cut off. Also prophesied to die before Cersei. In the show she had a crush on Oberyn's surviving nephew, but was killed by Elia in revenge for Oberyn's death, but alive in the books though missing an ear.

Also, the readership all got on George's balls for maiming this girl, mostly because it was a sign that he had run out of ideas and was basically just milking diabolus ex machina or that's what he wants us to think.

Produces no less than three claimants to the succession, each one very different from the other. Technically a cadet branch of House Targaryen as their founder Orys was allegedly a Targaryen bastard, who took the original Storm Kings House Durrandon deer sigil after killing the last one and fucking his only child Argella and then odd years later, King Egg's daughter married their grandfather, they're pretty much the House of Plantagenet.

Robert Baratheon, The Usurper: Fat, old, former badass who led the rebellion, and now the king who married Cersei Lannister. Then he fucked a bunch of other women and had lots of illegitimate kids.

He was killed while mixing boar hunting and drinking, but whether this death was planned or not is uncertain. On the surface, a king with a thing for easy laughs and partying; right underneath the surface, he's irresponsible and leaves the actual ruling of a nation to his staff, deeper under the surface he's pretty much a sad, lonely old bro who would rather not have been king.

Comparable to Edward IV , in that both were powerfully built military geniuses who overthrew the existing monarchy and later succumbed to an unhealthy lifestyle. Stannis The Mannis Baratheon: Robert's younger brother, all-around badass who swings between Lawful Stupid moreso in the show than the books and getting shit done.

Believes so strongly in the rule of law that he feels compelled to take the Iron Throne for himself despite wanting nothing to do with it. Is advised by a priestess of the God of light, Melisandre, and a lowborn smuggler named Davos Seaworth raised to knighthood and nobility.

His character is ruined in the show into an incompetent pawn of Melisandre and gets killed off just because one of the showrunners didn't like him. Shireen Baratheon: Stannis's kid daughter. Sweet, charming, and intelligent little lady who was left with a deformity on her face from a disease called greyscale. Teaches Davos how to read, and is probably the most innocent person in the series alongside Tommen, Myrcella and a few others.

Being the grim and dark universe A Song of Ice and Fire is, however, this means that she's likely going to end up becoming fuel for a vicious fire god. In the show she does, but in the books she is safe and sound since Stannis isn't stupid enough to bring him with her while campaigning. His wife, on the other hand, being such an idiotic fanatical pyromaniac Took Loras Tyrell a.

Knight of Flowers, Pretty Boy, etc. Decided he was better suited to be king, though the bizarre and outdated laws of the land stated Stannis was next in line though Joffrey and then Tommen were first since they were officially Bobby B's legitimate kids.

Was hugely popular since he had Robert's charisma, which led to him getting the most support, but he lacked Stannis's conviction and devotion to the duty of actually doing the work of a king, or even Robert's ability to wage war. Killed by Melisandre with some "help" by Stannis The Mannis for trying to steal his crown, though in the books Stannis may not have been completely aware of the role he played in Renly's death. Being the obligatory central nation they spend a lot of the series being fought over like a cake in between fat kids.

Edmure Tully: Basically the SoIaF universe's eternal butt monkey because he happens to be a decent fucking person. A useless ponce with a dense streak a mile wide and a bad habit of bragging about things he shouldn't be proud of. It took hanging in a stockade for a few months to make him experience some growth.

When Jaime was brought in to unfuck the situation and end the siege at Tully's house in Riverrun, Jaime's "negotiation" pressured him into convincing his house to surrender, but he made sure that Brynden got out first. Currently spending his days at the Lannister house as a hostage to make sure that the Tullys don't try to ruin the situation again.

Tries to make a case for himself as king in the final episode, only to get shut down by Sansa. Brynden Tully the Blackfish: He didn't catch the memo that he was part of the joke faction, and proceeds to spend the entire series fucking Lannister shit up and generally being a boss. Thought to be the black sheep in a family of fish. Thus "Blackfish", geddit? Ended up holed up in Riverrun, and got the fuck out right before the end of the siege, so that the Lannisters couldn't dick him over as a prisoner or so he can keep dicking them over before he became a prisoner.

Also widely accepted by the fans to be a closeted homosexual.

A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: Night's Watch (PDF)

And it happens offscreen. Goes through lords about as quickly as you would expect a castle equipped with a door that opens into empty air. They were being entertainingly screwed over by Littlefinger until his death. Jon Arryn: Only appears posthumously and is the catalyst for the whole plot. The true mastermind behind Robert's Rebellion, was killed by Littlefinger via Lysa when he figured out that Robert's kids are bastards of Cersei and Jaime.

His death was blamed on the Lannisters to destabilize Westeros. Lysa Arryn: Loli bride turned Lady of the Vale after the Lannisters forcibly retired her husband from life, at least officially. In reality Littlefinger convinced her to poison her husband and blame the Lannisters which pretty much started this whole clusterfuck to begin with. A closeted, crazy woman who spends the entire series in her castle "the Eyrie" being useless, breastfeeding her own son at age 10, and refusing to help her sister and nephew in the war she and Littlefinger pretty much started , which may have guaranteed their eventual horrific murders by their enemies until Littlefinger kicks her out the moon door post-taunting, of course , putting her out of our collective misery.

Long live the Lord Protector. Robert Arryn: Littlefuck, Lysa's equally mentally unstable son, who still sucks on his mom's tit, and enjoys seeing people "fly" out the moon door to their deaths. He actually seems to be a bit smarter than you would first think and is a really, really good judge of character, except with Sansa.

Secretly being poisoned by Littlefinger and Sansa, so she can take over the Vale and North. Named Robin in the show because the showrunners were afraid that having two characters with the same name would be too confusing. While not actual Vikings in any sense of the word, there is little other way to describe them. They live on some islands and almost their entire culture is based around raiding and the ocean. Their religion holds it shameful for a man to pay for personal possessions, and states they have to get things either by trade or The Iron Price; seizing something from the body or belongings of someone he defeated in conquest rather than paying or trading for it.

Also only possessions acquired via The Iron Price command respect among the Ironborn. Balon Greyjoy: Asshole dad, crappy ruler and general shithead who rebelled against Robert Baratheon and failed miserably. All of his sons were killed, except for Theon, who was taken as a hostage to ensure his good behavior. Despite being in a position to join either the Lannisters or the Starks during the War of Five Kings and thereby get whatever he wanted from either independence and the North, or independence and Casterly Rock, respectively , he does the absolute stupidest thing possible and declares himself independent without support from anyone, attacking the North and the rest of Westeros, thereby virtually guaranteeing that he'll be on the receiving end of another one-sided battle.

Never got that far, though, since he was pushed off a bridge during a storm by an assassin. Victarion Greyjoy: Admiral of the Iron Fleet. Gets shit done while wearing Lokhir Fellheart's armor during boarding actions. Does it for vengeance, the lulz and as a ticket to Ironborn heaven which they believe men can reach if they die in battle or by drowning. Worships both R'hllor and the Drowned God.

For all his badassery, is far too stupid to realize that his black Red Priest sidekick's constant rambling about his "great destiny" is inevitably going to end in his burning to death on a sacrificial pyre. Said Red Priest impressed Victarion by surviving being marooned at sea for 3 weeks and turning Victarion's infected arm into a super-strong volcano arm.

Once a fun-loving party animal, he nearly drowned during the Greyjoy Rebellion, and became a dour and devout priest of the Ironborn Cthulhu religion. Confirmed to have been raped by Euron when they were kids. Planned to overthrow Euron, who bribed and manipulated his way into becoming king of the Ironborn. Was captured by Euron and tortured to try and make him renounce his faith, including feeding him spoiled food and burning him.

Later Euron tied Aeron, naked, to the prow of Euron's ship alongside Euron's tortured, pregnant former lover because she showed Aeron kindness by once giving him proper food. He tried to console her by saying their suffering will end in underwater Valhalla, showing Euron failed to make him deny his faith.

Had the personality of a stereotypical high school jock, being an excellent archer and womanizer and proud of it. He was given to Ned Stark by his father after Balon failed to successfully rebel against Robert Baratheon.

Swore an oath to Robb, but then ditched him out of a desperate need to please his father. Ends up castrated and acts as the personal slave of Ramsay Bolton after Ramsay puts him through horrific torture to turn him into Reek. Rescued by his sister, but the psychological trauma meant it took awhile before he could stop calling himself Reek and start getting back to normal mentally physically he's now missing a few parts that don't heal or grow back. Dead in the show, thanks to charging the Night King by himself while protecting Bran.

Asha Greyjoy: Theon's older sister and a commander of some renown which is quite a feat - almost every man on the Iron Islands except her father either tried to get in her pants, or told her to stop playing around and go do some actual women's work , before she kicked enough ass that they respected her.

Rescues Theon after he escapes Ramsay but then loses him to Stannis. Every member of his crew is a mute, because Euron ripped all their tongues out. Many of them are also the illegitimate sons of women he's raped around the world during his raids. Uses an eyepatch to conceal a pitch-black eye, his personal "obviously a villain" mark.

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Raped his brother Victarion's wife, then claimed she wanted it so Victarion had to kill her. Raped his younger brother Aeron. Also showed back up in the Iron Islands the day after Balon died, despite having been raping and pillaging in Essos before that, which is suspicious as fuck. Now the new Iron King. Plans to conquer Westeros, and has some unknown plan to deal with Daenerys.

Revealed in the books to be the sickest fuck in an entire setting of sick fucks and that's saying something , including being an anti-religious fellow with a god complex which is more coherent than it sounds, amounting basically to "fuck the gods I do what I want".

One of his hobbies is torturing priests and assorted clergymen to try and make them give up their faiths. He also cut out the tongue of the latest woman he impregnated and strapped her naked to the front of his ship to die alongside his priest brother for showing said brother one act of kindness.

Jaime kills him in the second-to-last episode of the show.

House Tyrell "Growing Strong" Lords of Highgarden and backstabbers par-excellence and owners of a lot of fertile land. Unlike the current lot of Lannisters they understand the value of good PR, balancing ruthlessness with being somewhat amicable, political savvy and not being stuck-up on honor.

They are House of Tudor with the serial numbers filed off. They've all been wiped out in the show. Massively fat and overweight, while being stupid, overreaching and constantly mocked by everyone else, he's otherwise known as a friendly man, a good Lord when it comes to management and a good father; unfortunately this isn't enough to save a man in the Game of Thrones.

Gets killed with the rest of the noble houses when Cersei blows up the Great Sept of Baelor. Olenna Tyrell: The brains behind House Tyrell's schemes.

Known as the Queen of Thorns for being an outspoken, prickly and venomous old lady. Schemed with Littlefinger to have Joffrey killed, but she carried it out with compressed powder "gems" that poisoned his wine. Now she keeps her family in line and is hailed as a more progressive version of Tywin. Became a fan favorite for constantly dropping awesome one-liners and telling the Sand Snakes to shut up.

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Later killed off in the show , but not before revealing to Jaime that she was the one who killed Joffrey. Willas Tyrell: Mace Tyrell's eldest son and heir, crippled at a very young age when jousting against Oberyn Martell. Probably one of the most pleasant and sensible characters in the series, which might explain why he's yet to make an appearance. Very fond of breeding animals, especially horses. Garlan Tyrell The Gallant: Second-born son. Badass extraordinaire, considered one of the best swords in Westeros, and one of the few people kind to Tyrion.

Trains for real combat often against multiple opponents by himself unlike Loras, who's a tourney fighter. And he is the only person other than Tywin to put Joffrey in his place, at his own wedding. Considered to be an example of the perfect knight, despite his youth. Is secretly Renly's gay lover and conspired to take the throne with him and his sister. Last seen badly injured in the books attempting to take Stannis' castle.

In the show he ends up tortured by the members of the Faith for being gay because the showrunners retconned them to hate gay people , later joins their ranks of questionable willingness then dies when Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor. Margaery Tyrell: The would-be Queen of Westeros, she has married, in order, Renly Baratheon gay , Joffrey Baratheon evil , and Tommen Baratheon 8 years old and has been crowned as queen three times. While she is nice, she is capable of manipulation.

In the show she marries and uses sex to control Tommen. Was arrested by the resident Chamber Militant The Sparrow and asked for a trial by faith in the books.

In the show this also happens but she tries to be pious in an attempt to save herself, but ended up getting killed when Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor. Their sigil is a flayed man and their castle is called The Dreadfort , which shows how stupid the Starks were for allying with them.

Roose Bolton, The 'Leech Lord: A sociopathic health nut who's called the Leech Lord because he gets leeched regularly, believing they get rid of bad blood. Second-most powerful Lord in the North with ambitions to depose the Starks. Since the Starks are unable to think like crafty people and are blinded by honor this doesn't prove too difficult.

He gets his wish when he stabs Robb Stark in the back, at his uncle's wedding no less, and has anyone associated with Robb killed. He then makes over Winterfell in his bloody image, and is currently trolling Stannis. Believes in the abolished practice of " Droit du seigneur " a tradition that allowed a lord to have sex with subordinate women, whether they wanted to or not and killed a man for trying to hide his wife from Roose. Believed that he and his son could be as evil as they wanted as long as no one found out.

Killed by Ramsey in the show, which Ramsey tried to cover with a lie despite the witnesses to his actions. Will fuck up anyone who points out his illegitimate heritage though now he's legally recognized as a Bolton. Loves to torture and kill people openly for the lulz , such as Theon Greyjoy, who he crippled, knocked his teeth out and castrated too.

He then sent the severed appendage to the foreshortened Theon's dad in a cutesy box with a letter mockingly detailing his evilness. Also has a pack of hunting dogs he names after women he hunts, rapes and kills. Married a fake Arya Stark and regularly mistreats her, including forced bestiality. Not a fun guy to be around. Only reason he's gotten away with it for so long as pointed out by his father is because no one is strong enough to stand up to him yet, but when they are he's going to be killed.

In the show he killed his father with a knife, fed his stepmother and newborn half-brother to his dogs, then married Sansa Stark and deflowered her via rape. He got his wish: The consequences of Ramsay's actions catch up with him when Jon Snow shows up with an army capable of threatening him, and after surprise reinforcements from Littlefinger and his own fucked-up teamkilling, the Starks crush the Bolton army, forcing Ramsay to flee back to Winterfell. Despite this, the gate is smashed down, he is disarmed, beaten rather brutally and detained to await trial.

Before the trial Sansa sets his dogs on him, which he had deliberately starved so they would eat Jon. Apparently they found him quite tasty. House Martell "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" Desert dwelling survivalists who pride themselves on having never been conquered by the Targaryen dynasty though they later married in.

Moorish Spaniards, kinda.Lord Renly. Flowers The Riverlands: Other Tabletop Games. Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background.

However, this RPG operates much like you would expect with the PCs playing a single leveling character and the game master playing the Narrator, controlling the world of Westeros as everyone moves though scenarios called stories. Since the events on the Iron Islands were to have an impact in the book and could not be told with existing POV characters, Martin eventually introduced three new viewpoints. Armor Costs The Vale of Arryn marks part of the boundary between the North and the southron kingdoms.

They tend to dwell in the passes and heights of the Red Mountains. On the vast grasslands of the eastern continent, nomadic tribes rose to prominence; chief among them is the wild Dothraki.