Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation – niticahonu.gay * A niticahonu.gay-A course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and TopEbooks is one of the best frree niticahonu.ga and e.b.o.o.k site now. By A. K. SAWHNEY niticahonu.ga (E11gg.) Professor of Electrical E11gineeri11g There 1s an extensive coverage 4f Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation in this. A Course in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation By A.K. Sawhney – PDF serious about your studies, you should never consider eBooks/Books in PDF. Part 1: Electrical And Electronic Measurement And Measuring Instruments.

Electrical And Electronics Measurement And Instrumentation By Ak Sawhney Ebook

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A. K. SAWHNEY A Course in Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation, Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation in this edition of the book as. Electrical and Electronics. Measurements and Instrumentation. Prithwiraj Purkait. Professor. Department of Electrical Engineering and. Dean, School of. niticahonu.gay-A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Join With us. Today Updates. May Modern Synthetic Methods By William Puri, Milind Current Standards. Capacitance Standards. Unsolved Problems. Resistance Materials. Spools Formers for coils Resistance Wires. Resistance Standards. Resistance Standards for. Low Resistance Standards. Standard Resistances for A. Circuits Frequency Errors of Resistors.

Methods of Reducing Residual. Resistance Boxes.

Thin Film Resistors. Composition Resistors Shielded Resistors. Formers for Inductance Coils. Coils of Induc tance Coils. Standards of Mutual lnouctance. Standards of Self-Inductance.

Inductors for High Frequency Work. Inductors for Low Frequency Work. Frequency Errors in Inductors. Distributed Capacitance. Vacuum and Gas-filled Capacitors.

Solid Dielectric Capacitors Variable Capacitors. Decade Capacitance Boxes. Frequency Errors in Capacitors. Chapter 6-Analog pointer Iostrnments Analog Instruments. Classification of Analog Instruments. Principles of Operation. Constructional Details. Types of Supports. Control Systems. Damping Torque of a Metal Disc.

Permanent Magnets. Pointers and Scales. Recording Instruments. Integrat ing Instruments. Chapter 7-GalvHometers Introduction. D' Arsonval Galvanometer. Undamped Motion of, a Galvanometer. Overdamped Motion of Galvanpmeter. Ayrton Universal Shunt.

Ballistic Gdlv. Calibralion of a 'Ballistic Galvanometer. Flux Meter. Use of Shunt. Vibration Galvanometers. Duddell's Oscillograph. Unso ved Problems. Power Loss. Types of Instruments. Errors in Ammeters and Voltmeters. Torque Equation.

Ammeter Shunts. Arrangement -for Temperature Effect CorrectiQn. Multi-range Ammeters Vottqieter Multipliers. Multirange d c. Series-tyP,e 0. Multimeter or Volt-Ohm-Milli-ammeter V.


Ducter Ohmmeter. Reason for Use on both A. Shape bf Scale. Long Scale Instruments. Shunt for Moving Iron Instruments. Multipliers for Moving Iron I,nstruments. Comparison between Attraction and Repulsion Types of Instruments. Advantages and Disadvantages. Electro dynamometer Electrodynamic Type Instruments. Operating Principle Construction.

Electrodynamometer Ammeters. Electrodyriamometer Voltmeters Errors. Use on D. Shape Qf Scale. Ferrodynamic Instruments. Construction Operation. Advantages and DisadvaQ. Classification Hot Wire Instruments. Thermoelectric Instruments. Thermal Emf. Principle of Operation. Heater Element. Thermo-element Shape of Scale Connections.

Force and Torque Equations. Attraction Type Portable Instruments. Everett Edgecumbe Voltmeter. Use on both AC. C Shape of Scale. Errors Advan. Ferraris Type. Shaded Pole Type.. Shape of Scale. Rectifier Elements. Rectifier Characteristics. Rectifier Voltmeters. Half Wave Rectifier Circuits. Multi meters. Simpson's Multimeter. Rectifier Ammeters. Use of Instrument Transformers.

Current Transformers for High Frequencies. Potential Transformers. Difference between C. R,educ tion of Errors. Construction of Potential Transformers. High Voltage Potential Transformers.

Testing of Instrument Transformers. Current Transformer Testing. Potential Transformer. Electrodynamometer Wattmeters. Induction Type Wattmeters. Lipman Type Induction Wattmeter. Hall Effect Multiplier. Measurement of Power Using Instrument Tn;msfotmers. Measurement of Power in Three Phase Circuits. Three Phase Wattmeters. Summation ,Metering.

Motor Meters Braking. Energy Meters for A. Theory and Operation. Lag Adjustment Devices. Light Load or Friction Compensation.

Over-Load Compensation. Voltage Compensation. Temperature Compensation. Polyphase Eoergy Meters. Two Element Energy Meter. Measurement of VAh and VArh. VArh Metering. Measurement of VAh. Phantom Loading. Testing 'Meth ,ds. Meter Testing Circuits Unsolved Problems. Single Phase Electrodynamometer Po.

Moving Iron Power Factor. Rotating Field Power Factor Meter. Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving Iron P. Types of Frequency Meters. Electrical Reasonance Type Frequency Meters.

Weston Frequency Meter. Ratiometer Type Frequency Meter. Saturable Core Frequency Meter. Electro-dynamometer Weston Type Synchroscope. Moving lron Synchroscopes. Pase Sequence Indicators. Methods of Measurement of M. Ammeter Voltmeter Method.

Substitution Method. Wheatstone Bridge. Sensitivity of Wheatstone Bridge. Galvanometer Current. Precisfon Measurement. Carey-Foster Slide-wire Bridge.

Kelvin Varley Slide. Limitations of Wheatstone Bridge. Construction of Low Resistances. Methods for Measurement of Low Resistance. Ammeter Vol1meter Method.. Kelvin Bridge Ohmmeter. Unbalanced Kelvin Bridge. Methods Measurement of High Resistance. Direct Deftec tion M,ethod. Loss of Charge Method. Megohm Bridge Method. Measurement of Insulation Resistance with Power On.

Basic Potentiometer Circuit. MultipleRange Potentiometer. Precision Type Potentiometers. Vernier Potentiometer. Standard Cell Dial. True Zero. Brooks Deffectional Potentiometer. VoltRatio Box.. Application of D. Protection of Standard Cell and Galvanometer. Self-Balancing Potentiometers. Standardidng of A C. Types of A C. Drysdale Polar Po. Gall-Tinsley co-ordinate type A. Quadrature Adjustments, of Currents. Campbell Larsen Potentiometer.

Applications of A. Potentiometers Unsolved Problems,. Necessity" of Earth. Necessity of Measurement of Resistante of Earth Electrode. Factors Affecting Earth. Earth Resistance. Murray L0op Test. Varfoy J. Location of Open Circuit Faults in Cables. Measurement of Negative Sequ ie!

Measurement of Zero Sriquence Component of Current. Measurement of PositiveSequence Cemponent of Voltag. Measnrement of Negative Sequence Components of Voltago. Measurement of Zero Sequence Component of Voltage. Vector Meter. Si1urces and Detectors. General Equation for Bridge Balaooo. GcnernJ form of an A. Maxwell's Inductance-: Hay's Bridge. Anderson's Bridge. Owen's Bridge. Measurements of Incremental Inductance.

High Voltage Sobering Bridge. Measurement of Relative Permittivity with Sobering Bridge. Mutual Inductance Measured. Heavisjde Mutual Inductance Bridge. Carey Foster Bridge ; Heydweiller Bridge. Campbell's Bridge. Universal Impedaace Bridge.

Somces of Errors in Bridge Circuits. Stray Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Couplings.

SLiclding of Bridge Elements. Wagner Earthing Device. Sereeriedand-balanced Transformers. Difference and Substitution Methods. Measurement of Resistance. Measurement of Capaciumce. Measurement of Phase Angle.

Transformer Dou. Measurement of Inductance. Testing Apparatus. High Voltage Transformers. Voltago Control. Voltage Control by Resistance Potential Divider. Reactance Voltage. Voltage Control by Tapped Transformer.

Voltage Control by Variac. Voltage Control by Induction Regulators. Control Gear and Protective Devices. Equipment for Voltage Measurement. Measurement of R. Measurement of D. Low Frequency H. High Voltage D. Testing of Cables. Equivalence of D. Test Voltages. Localization of Faults in High Voltage Cables.

High F. Sinale Stage Impluac Generators. Multistage Impulse Generator.

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Testing of Transformers. Testing of Insulating Materials. High Voltage Testing of Cables. Measurement of Value of Magnetising Force H. Testing of Ring Specimens. Deteru mination of BwH Curve. Determination of Hysteresis Loop. Testing of Bar Specimens. Hopkinson Permeameter Bar and Yoke method.

Ewing Double Bar Permeameter. Burrows Perrneap. Fahy's Simplex Permeameter. Measurement of Leakage Factor with. Iron Loss Curves. Sepamtion of Iron Losses. Methods of Iron Loss Measurement. Wattmeter Method. Bridge Methods. Potentiometer Method. Oscillographic Method. Methods of Measurements of Air Gap Flux. Testing of Permanent Magnets. Methods used in Modern Instrumentation Systems. Chapter lllomination Physks of Light.

International Luminosity Curve. Energy and Power. Effect of Temperaw ture on Radiation. Full Radiator or Black Body. Primary Standard. Calibratio,a of Standard Lamps with Primary Standard. Secondary Standards and Substandards. Laboratory Standards. Terms, Definitions and Symb'. Laws of Illuminance Illumination. Visual Photometry. Measurements of Luminous Intensity. Photometer Head. Distribution of Luminous lntensity. Luminous Intensity. Calculation with a Distributed Source.

Physical Phofometry. Photoemissive Cells. Photoconductive Transducers. Photoconductive Celis. Photo diodes. Phototransiswrs Noise in Photoconductor Transducers. Photocells in Physical Photometry. Measurement of Luminance Unsolved Problems. Electronic Voltmeters. Advantages of Electronic Voltmeters. Vacuum Tube. Voltmeters VTVMs. Average reading Diode Vacuum Tube V ltmeters.

Peak reading Diode Vacuum Tube Voltmeters. Triode Vacuum Tube Voltmeters. Transistor Voltmeters TVMs. TVM with Cascaded Transistors. Chopper Amplifier Type Voltmeter. Balanced Bridge TVM. Differential Voltmeter.

Voltage Measurements. Reading Voltmeter. Current Measurements Using Electronic Instruments. Instruments for Measurement of Power at Higher Frequencies. Electrostatic Dcftection.. Deflection Pl. CRT Graticule. Basic CRO Circyits. Beam Osc1lloscopes. Multiple Trace Osc1Jloscopes. Scanning Oscilloscopes. Storage Type Osc1lloscope. Accessories of Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes.

Electronic Switch. Feedback Oscillators. Types of Feedback Oscillators. RC Oscillators. Wien Bridge Oscillator. Oscillators Armstrong Oscillator. Hartley Oscillator. Colpitts Oscillator. Crystal Oscillators. Beat Frequency Oscillator B. Resistance Oscillators. Types of Circuits. Overdriven Amplifier Circuit. Schmitt Trigger Circuit.

Active Square Wave Generators. Wave Analyzers. Hetrodyne Wave Analyzer or Wavemeter. Distortion Meters. Basic Spectrum Analyzer. Spectral Displays. Different Signals. Measurement' of Effective Resistance. Resistance Variation Method. Rcactance Variation Method. T Networks. Parallel T Network. Bridge T Network. Q Meter. Measurement of Frequency. Dynamic Response. Fre quency Domain Analysis. Mathematical Models of Instrnmentatio11 Sys terns.

Linear and NoQ-Lirlear Systems: Electric Networks. Mecnanical Systems: Mechancial Translational. Mechancial Rptational Systems. Analogous Systems. Thermal Systems. Transfer F1imction. Sinusoidal Transfer Function. Order of a System.

Zero Order System. First Order Systems. General First Order Differential Equation. Ramp Response of a First Order System. Impulse Response of a First Order System. Time Response of a Second Order System. Time Domain Specifications. Ramp Response of a Second Order System. Impulse Response Of a Second Order. Frequency Response of a Firs. Chapter Tnmdocers I: Primary and Secondary Transducers. Classification of DetectorTransducer Stage Devices. Flat Spiral Spring.

Torion BatS of Shafts. Proving Rings. Spring FJexture. B ' urdon Tubes. Temperature Detectors. Hydropncumatic Deyices Electric Transducers. Advantages of Electrical Transducers.

Classification of Electrical Transducers. Primary Transducers. Secondary Transducers. Active and Passive Transducers. Active Transducers. Passive Transducers. Analog and Digital Transducfrs: Analog Transducers.

Digital Transducers. Electrical Phenomena Used in Transducers. Resistive Transducers. Loading Effect. Construction of Potentiometers. Strain Gauges: Theory of Strain-Gauges. Types of Strain Gauges. Resistance Wire Strain Gauges. Unbonded Strain Gauges. Bonded Resistance Wire Strain Gruges. Foil Strain Gauges. Semi-conductor Strain Gauges. Resistance Thermometers: Linear Apprmfr mation. Quadratic Approximation.

Resistance Temperature 1Cbaracteristics of Thermistors. Applications of. Ther mistoi's. Variable Inductance Type Transducers. Differential Output. Currents Liuar: Variable Differential Transform.

Diadvantages of LVDTs. Use of LVDTs. Capacitive Transducers.

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Using Change in Area of Plates. Transducers Using Change in Ddance! Between PJates. Variation of Dielectric Constant for MC8. Uses of Capacitive Transducers. Piezo-electric Transducers. Equivalent Circuit of Piezo. Loading Effect and Pre quency Response. Impulse Response of Piezo-electric Cystals.

Uses of Piezo-electric Materials and Transducrs. Optical transducers. Hall effect Transducers. Ionization Transducers. Digital Transducer. Shaft Encoder. Instrumentation Amplifiers. Operational Amplifiers.

Operational Amplifier Specifications.

Operational Amplifier Circuits irl Instrumentation. Multiplier and Divider. Attenuated Feedback. Ideal Rectifier Logarithmic Converter.

Buffer Amplifier. Differential Amplifier. Charge Amplifiers. Amplitude Modulation. Atnplltude Demodulation. Input Modulator. Types of Filters: Low Pass Filters. Bandpass Filters. Current Sensitive Circuits. Bridge Circuits. Null Type Bridge.

Deflection Type Bridge. Current sensitive Bridge; AC. Bridges using PushPuU Transducers. Bridges with Push-Pull Inductive Transducers. Inductive Transducers BlumJein Bridge. Capacitive Transducers Blumlein Bridge.

Integration and Differentiation. Resolution and quantization. Aperture Time. Voltage-to Frequency Converter integrating type. Methods of Data. Electrical Telemetering Systems. Telemetry Systems: Voftage Telemetering Systems. Current Telemetering Systems. Telemetry Systems. Amplitude Modulation A,M.

[PDF] A Course in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation By A.K. Sawhney Book Free Download

Frequency Modulation FM. Pbase Modulation. Pulse Telemetering Systems. Analog Pulse Telemetry: Pulse Frequency System. Digital Telemetry Pulse. Code Modulation: Radio Channels: Power Line Clnier Ouumeis. Multiplexing in relemetering Systems: Time Division Multiplexing.

Decade Counter. Digital Display Methods. Digital Display Units. Segmental Displays: Seven Segmental Display: Fourteen Segmental Display. Dot Matrices: A 3 x 5 Dot Matrix. Dot Matrix Utilizing 27 Dots. A 5 x 7 Dot Matrix. Rear Projection Display. Nixie Tube. Segmental Gas Dis charge Displays. Display Systems. Decimal Decoders: TTL Logic. Sensitivity of Digital Meters.

Accuracy Specification for Digital Meters. Mwurement of Frequency: Basic Circuit.. Time bMe. Start and Stop Gate. High Frgqmmcy Measurements.

Period Measurement. Ratio and Multiple Ratio Measrements.Current Measurements Using Electronic Instruments. Khurmi, J.


Pbase Modulation. No parts of this publication may be reproduced', stored in re;rieval. Voltage Control by Variac.

Balanced Bridge TVM. Secondary Transducers. Ballast Circuit.