The first chapter of Burns acclaimed horror graphic novel. Teenagers Keith and Chris have disturbing dreams and visions of a mysterious plague that causes. Read Black Hole Issue #1 comic online free and high quality. Unique reading. Read Black Hole Issue #6 comic online free and high quality. Unique reading.

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Winner of the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards The setting: suburban Seattle, the mids. We learn from the outset that a strange plague has descended. Read Black Hole (Pantheon Graphic Library) PDF Ebook by Charles /PDF, .PDF).| I read Black Hole for my graphic. ns1b - Get book Black Hole by Charles Burns. Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub and site version. All books format are.

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It is also one of the best graphic novels and novels of any kind of the new century. I was creeped out about it in an initial reading 6 or 7 years ago, but in close readings with summer and fall classes I began to see some warmth and compassion running through it.

The artwork is amazing, and the disruptive and discontinuous representation of chronology, of time, is innovative and consistent with the disruption of adolescence Burns represents. The story is set in one summer post-high-school-graduation from a Seattle high school in the late seventies, when Burns himself would have been graduating from a Seattle high school.

Four characters take center stage, Chris, Rob, Keith and Eliza, though a once bullied boy named Dave also plays a central role. In the story young people begin to develop physical abnormalities as a result of developing sexual desire for someone, or actually having sex with someone.

Some critics thought Burns might have been making a commentary on the AIDS crisis, but Burns himself said it was more generally about adolescence than just sexual awakening.

The social distortion is matched by visual images of distorted bodies, though images of the natural world—the sky, trees, ocean--and physical beauty including bodies are also present and at some points--not all--restorative.

When I first read this story I thought it was just about a bunch of late seventies teens, boys and girls, growing up together, but in this reading I think Chris and Eliza--two young women--are the main characters. They are the primary ones experiencing the "black holes" of the title, though others are also lost in this vortex, as well.

The book is in black and white throughout, the blacks deeply, heavily inked, the whites barely relieved by tiny patches of shading. So thick is the blackness that the book gives off a strong odour of printer's ink, a sour smell, faintly reminiscent of undried glossy paint.

Because of the graphic form, descriptive words or narrative passages are few, so the drawings are our principal route into understanding the characters and following their stories.

Here, new difficulties arise almost from the beginning. Most of these teenagers look alike: they have the same kind of hair, same kind of face; they wear unmemorable clothes.

One relationship between two young people is especially confusing until you notice, after one of them has bared her breasts, that the other has a small, faintly drawn beard. In general, Burns does not draw faces well: one of the crucial characters, a menace stalking these young people through the woods, looks as if he is wearing a mask.

Only as the story goes on do we realise it's intended to be a beard and moustache, and he is therefore older. The storytelling is also difficult to follow. Like a lot of comics writers Burns makes free use of flashbacks, fantasies, dreams and memories, in this case signalled by the fact that the frames that are imaginary have serrated edges.

This we understand. But the content of these imagined sequences is not significantly different in kind from the main narrative.

Fantasy and uncertainty, the echoes from the fears of these unhappy young people, are the same at every level. It is frequently difficult to follow the events, to share the fears, to feel the despair.In the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes , the human teenager Alexander Kodi Smit-McPhee gives his copy of a softcover collected edition of Black Hole to the Bornean orangutan teacher Maurice Karin Konoval , as they form a bond important to the film's plot.

Black Hole has really stayed with me over the past few years, even popping up in a dream I had recently which was the reason for this recent re-read.

And there were drugs everywhere, being taken by everyone. It is frequently difficult to follow the events, to share the fears, to feel the despair.

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Jan 28, Andy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Think of David Lynch and you are almost there, but this is its own art, a comics creation of real depth and power. Lincoln and London: U of Nebraska P, , The awards, now in their 30th year, honor creative achievement in comic books from around the world.

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